The Community
Star Awards  
Artist of the Year 2015

 Equine  Sculpture  Workshop

​​​​​​​Goksin Carey was

“heaven sent”

to the Artists in

Middleburg (AiM)

in 2014! 

What impressed me about her before I had the opportunity to speak to her, were her equine bronzes.  They revealed her knowledge and talent - they were “correct” and gorgeous.  After spending time studying some of the most important equine sculptors to date that included Pierre Jules Mêne and Isidore Jules Bonheur, I knew her bronzes were in a class of their own.  I knew she needed share her gift and impart her wisdom to all who wanted to learn to sculpt these magnificent creatures!  

To date she has taught, influenced, encouraged and mentored a number of students who have worked side-by-side with her during the workshops and at the foundry.  She is proud of what they have accomplished!  She wants them to excel and surpass her talent, the passion and philosophy of a most nurturing yet critical teacher.

I am thrilled and privileged to be working with Goksin, for there are not enough adjectives to “sing her praise!” 

Sandy Danielson

Executive Director,

Artists in Middleburg (AiM),

a 501c3 nonprofit organization

102 W. Washington Street
Middleburg, VA 20118
540-270-6165 (c)